Medical Tourism in IRAN

Medical Tourism in IRAN | Rhinoplasty | hair transplant

Medical Tourism in IRAN

Medical Tourism in IRAN | Rhinoplasty | hair transplant

There are many ways to define Medical Tourism, which is also known as Medical Travel, Surgical Tourism, Health Tourism, Health Travel, Health care Abroad, Medical Overseas, Overseas Surgery, Medical Outsourcing and Offshore Medical.


Rhinoplasty or nose job in iran , typically called a nose occupation, is usually a plastic operation method for correcting and reconstructing the nose.

There's two forms of plastic surgical procedure made use of — reconstructive medical procedures that restores the form and capabilities from the nose and beauty medical procedures that improves the looks from the nose.

Reconstructive operation also treats beginning defects, respiratory troubles, and failed Principal Rhinoplasties.
A Rhinoplastic correction may be executed on the one that is below sedation, less than normal anaesthesia, or less than regional anaesthesia; at first, an area anaesthetic mixture of Lidocaine and Epinephrine is injected to numb the world, and temporarily lower vascularity, thereby restricting any bleeding.

Iranian surgeons have various ordeals in long lasting time, thanks to large nose position need. You'll want to pick liable surgeons who worth your time and energy, income and wonder.

Persiatour as an Iranian professional medical tourism supplier will let you hook up with the most beneficial clinics and check with with the ideal physicians.

Rhinoplasty or nose work is the preferred surgical treatment in Iran Which’s why the nation is referred to as “The capital of nose task in the world”. Sufferers are don't just Iranians but in addition people today from all over the earth traveling to Iran to own their surgical procedures completed by an Iranian surgeon.

Many stunning nose surgical procedures are performed per year by skillful surgeons. This means that Iranian elegance surgeons have obtained great Skilled experience. Quite a few beauty surgeons every day accomplish many Nose occupation in Iran.
Iran is usually referred to as the world’s cash of Rhinoplasty. The rate of Iranian nose exercise in almost any natural beauty Centre is a number of instances higher than in other international locations. The Iranian nose jobs are very fashionable amid adolescents, the two male and woman, and is soaring for 20 years.


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medical tourism iran

Medical-medical trips to Iran jumped with currency stimulus in the first six months of this year. Information from representatives of organizations active in the field of health tourism shows that in the last months of the year, almost the entire year, health tourists have entered the country.

Most of the tourists were from the Persian Gulf, Iraq, Syria and, of course, Iranians residing in Canada and Germany, who traveled to Iran to receive a variety of medical and hospital services such as plastic surgery, open heart surgery and orthopedics.

Foreign tourist arrivals to Iran aimed at "receiving and receiving medical services" hit a record high in the first four months of this year under the influence of currency stimulus.
According to the statistics of the first four months of this year, the number of incoming tourists who have traveled to Iran to use medical services was about 6,000, which is equivalent to the number of such tourists in one year. The boom in medical travel to Iran during the year following the growth of this type of foreign tourism in the past is due to the cheaper cost of travel to our country due to foreign exchange market developments. This stimulus, along with the expertise and expertise of Iranian doctors, has made the Iranian healthcare market attractive to foreigners. As for the main bases of medical-medical travelers to Iran, most health tourists - travelers who travel to Iran for medical treatment - are from Iraq, Azerbaijan, the Persian Gulf, Lebanon and Syria, and in addition Iranians residing Canada and Germany also travel to Iran for this purpose.
 Most health tourists choose Iran as their destination for plastic surgery, open heart surgery, orthopedics and infertility treatment in women. Panahi said the country's foreign exchange earnings from Health Tourist attracted to the world of economy. Last year, $ 1.5 billion in foreign currency entered the country, a 4 to 5 percent increase in the fourth quarter of this year.

The tariffs set for tourists do not include subsidies given by the Iranian government itself, and the Ministry of Health has set a specific ceiling for their tariffs so that hospitals licensed for tourists can charge less for their services, which is the same rate. The policy has created a lot of competition among these centers to attract more health tourists and this is very effective in optimizing health tourism services.

One of the health sectors in our country is traditional medicine and herbal medicine. This is not an agreement that was signed, but the providers of water treatment services are a subset of health tourism that we are rich in with such centers and places.

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plastic surgery in iran

The most popular cosmetic surgeries in the world in 2016

Increased breast volume / prosthesis (15.8% of total cosmetic surgeries)
Liposuction (14% of total cosmetic surgeries)
Eyelid surgery (12.9% of total cosmetic surgeries)
Rhinoplasty (7.6% of total cosmetic surgeries)
Abdominoplasty (7.41% of total cosmetic surgeries)

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plastic surgery in iran

Humans have long sought to restore the youthfulness and beauty lost in youth and beauty. Today, many methods have been devised to rejuvenate the skin and relieve discoloration of the face, defects and more. A person's beauty can be altered for a number of reasons, including increasing age and decreasing collagen activity in the skin, accidents, injuries, congenital defects and so on. Personal. Be on the lookout for those with a general knowledge of cosmetic procedures and surgeries that may be of interest to you.

Eyebrow or eyelid lift surgery:

Aesthetically, the eyes are the most important part of the face. The eyes reflect the person's age and reflect his or her emotional and mood states. Unfortunately, the eyes and eyelids show signs of aging earlier than other parts of the body. Because of this sensitivity, many people are becoming more confident and enjoying their lives every day using eyelid cosmetic surgery.


Wrinkle Removal (Botox):

Botox is a gentle, hassle-free, non-surgical procedure for face and neck wrinkles removal. Hyperconnect lines, such as frown lines, are the product of repeated muscle contractions perpendicular to the folds. Botox weakening or resting muscles (serotype A) can smooth the lines.


Face lift:

Shows facial lifting 5 to 5 years younger than it is. Facial lifting (facial stretching) is usually performed in 2- to 3-year-olds and is applicable at any age, lifting the skin by lifting extra fat, tightening the underlying muscles and pulling the skin on the face and neck. As age decreases.


breast surgery:

Breast enlargement is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries in the bones.
Tens of thousands of women apply for this surgery every year. Many women think their breasts are too small and their size or shape is uneven or unattractive. Some women have breasts that have not fully grown or have significantly lost shape and shape after pregnancy or after weight change or aging. This surgery will restore confidence in them.


Rhinoplasty or Nose job:

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that can be used to shorten or lengthen the nose, reshape it, shrink holes, or raise the tip of the nose.
When planning rhinoplasty, the surgeon examines the individual's condition and the characteristics of the nose and skin on it and considers the cases that the individual wishes to change. The upper part of the nose is bone and the lower part is cartilage. Rhinoplasty can correct bone, cartilage, or both.


Advanced sculpture:

The traditional liposuction method involves removing regional and topical fats with high suction power. Performing this procedure initially required older patients with general anesthesia, reduced fat volume, and increased swelling and pain bleeding, although this technique has its own proponents, with the invention of new methods gradually evolving to lesser methods. Faster and faster.

With its special security system, Lipomatics protects sensitive tissues (nerves, blood vessels, muscles). In advanced sculpture methods, the goal is usually not to lose weight but to change the size, size, and shape that your beauty expert will recommend.

These techniques not only make the skin more supple but also help to make the skin more stiff and lifted. This is because the size reduction continues for a long time after surgery and removes cellulite.

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The latest hair transplant in Iran

medical tourism in iran


The most recent hair transplantation in Iran and the world is Sut hair transplantation. This technique is now recognized not only in Iran but also in the world as the best treatment for hair loss, and the high success rate of this procedure as well as the satisfaction of clients and volunteers with this method have all made them proud We can offer Sut hair transplant as the best method in our country.

This method has long been approved by global scientific organizations and is now used exclusively by the Renaissance Hair Transplant and Repair Center. This method has many advantages over traditional hair transplantation methods including hair transplantation using Fit, FUE, FUT, BHT or other previously used methods including:

- The possibility of hair transplantation by placing more than 14,000 in the recipient areas
- No pain, no bleeding and no need for sutures
- Approved by reputable scientific organizations and centers around the world
- Use of advanced automatic devices
- Lasting results and perfectly natural
- Natural Hair Growth Line
- Proper cost
- No human error
- High speed of operation
The longevity of the end result of hair transplantation in this way

All of this makes many young people and middle-aged people, even the elderly, interested in using this method to get their lost hair. It is our honor and pride to be the newest Sut hair transplant procedure in the world and we have long used it successfully.
The latest hair transplant in Iran

In the old techniques we mentioned above some of the most famous, besides the pain, the use of dressing, stitches and bleeding as well as the need for a long rest and a long recovery and ... all were disadvantages of the old techniques but In the Sut method, fortunately these problems and complications do not occur anymore and you will have a very easy and convenient operation.

Growth line after Sut Hair Transplant It seems so natural that those who treat you for the first time will not notice that you have transplanted hair, and this is one of the reasons people have used this technique. And, with full confidence and positive energy, they appear in the community and reach their daily tasks.
There are several key factors in hair transplant procedures:

- Natural hair growth line
- Number of eclipses extracted
- Duration of operation
- Having or not having any bleeding, pain and need for numbness and sedation medications (during or after surgery)
- Cost of operation
- Use or not use of advanced practice equipment and equipment
- The expertise and skill of the physician and his team of colleagues
- Number of sessions required
- Stay in the extracted hair follicles
- The technique used and its dating

 Each of these alone is important in assessing which hair transplantation technique is best. For example, the shorter the duration of the operation or the shorter the recovery time, the faster people will recover and get on with their daily lives. Traditional hair transplant techniques sometimes require a week or two of hospitalization and rest, but luckily with Sut, the newest treatment for hair loss, a person with a few minutes rest and less than an hour can easily Going back to work is a huge advantage. Especially for business people.


The latest hair transplantation technique in Iran


But the other issue is keeping the follicles removed from the donor area (see What is a Hair Bank Article?) At the time of transplantation to the recipient area. It is important that the longer the hair follicles stay healthy, the greater the efficiency of the operation. In the methods used in the past, a number of hair follicles were lost at this stage, partly due to human error. But nowadays, using Sut Hair Transplant is easy with the use of modern and standard extraction equipment and due to the use of advanced software during this operation, the accuracy is very high and can even be obtained through these applications. Show the volunteer himself or herself the best possible details of the job.

It is also not bad to point out that the hairs that are removed from the back are either single-grain or multi-grain. The greater the number of units that make up hair follicles, the more hair can be implanted. This is where the individual hair bank is also important, and people who have a good and adequate hair bank for the Sut hair transplant will also get better results.
Of course, as we've written before in various sections, we emphasize, however, that if you have hair loss or baldness, you should first have your problem examined by a dermatologist and then the necessary treatments. Prescribed by him. The important thing is that Sut hair transplants (or other hair transplantation methods) have certain conditions that can be briefly said to be at least 21 years old, have adequate and proper hair bank, not have certain diseases. , Her hair loss is over, and finally, the best way to treat her hair loss is to see her hair transplant.


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medical tourism in iran

What is Research Tourism?

Using the title tourism, you can define it as a health tourism or health tourism.

The WTO, in particular

Use services that you may or may not use for your own health, use civil, weather, or medical interventions and provide you with a place of residence (more than 4 hours) They use another time.

Health Travel article Beyond tourism is the punishment you can get from the water and also mining and sludge along with natural aids.

The global motto is health tourism, facilities and services of the international service provider in the world or above, and the rising cost and cost of managing the developing country and the third world.

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